9 Ways to Decorate with Practical Items

I was at the organics store this morning in the next town over when I was thinking about zero-waste cleaning options. Along this train of thought, I started to think about how nice these options looked, and then started to think about all the other practical items that could also be visually appealing, some surprisingly…… Continue reading 9 Ways to Decorate with Practical Items

Thrift Shop Haul ~ JUNE ’17

https://youtu.be/NbkDV6P7PfU I haven’t found myself hitting up thrift stores as frequently as I have been in the past this month but I have found myself with a small collection of items that I’ve purchased. I’ve bought mostly books although there are some items of clothing and homewares as well. Throughout the month I bought three…… Continue reading Thrift Shop Haul ~ JUNE ’17