Calala Bay ~ NSW, Australia

Another one of the more memorable stops I wanted to share from my trip was Calala Bay. When I used to live on the coast this was a spot I visited every now and then and ended up stopping by on two mornings during my trip.

The first morning I spent in the area was during the middle of my trip, on my way to Pigeon House Mountain. It was just a stop to give myself a rest and allow us to watch the sunrise but was a really nice moment. The whole area is full of small towns and surrounded by the bush which had kangaroos surrounding the car park I had parked in. We probably weren’t in the best spot for the sunrise, but it was still a nice moment to have, looking out at the horizon as the sun rose and slowly revealed the water.

Unfortunately, I was too wrapped up in watching the sunrise that I didn’t remember to take any photos for you 😓.

The second morning I spent in Calala Bay was towards the end of my trip. This time I spent a considerably larger amount of time there. After packing up the campsite from the night before, which I’ll be blogging about next, we drove up to see an old friend of one of my friends that were with me. We stayed in Calala Bay until the early afternoon and while there went for a quick swim and walk along the beach. This was another highlight of my trip, which is why I am sharing it with you!


This time I did take some photos, or rather someone took some photos of me, for me. This is me stretching on the beach in the top I had thrifted two days before. I have a thrift shop haul coming up soon so look out for that as well!

If you’re in the Jervis Bay area, Calala Bay/Beach is a really nice spot for a quick stop! It’s more secluded than the surrounding area but is just as gorgeous!


2 thoughts on “Calala Bay ~ NSW, Australia

    1. Probably around three hours south. Maybe less. The sand is amazing and the weather down there is too. A swim was still possible even in the middle of winter.

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