Macquarie Pass ~ NSW, Australia

For the last five days, I have been on one of the most memorable adventures, and one of the biggest bloggable highlights of my trip was Macquarie Pass National Park. I visited the park on two separate days where I did either side of the pass. The park straddles a section of the Illawarra Highway and has trails on either side.

The first day I visited my friends and I did the shorter of the two walks which takes you to a waterfall. This is the easier side, with a clearer path and considerably shorter walk. It took us around fifteen to twenty minutes to reach the waterfall. The pool is deep enough for a dip, but couldn’t be considered a pool in proper.


The next day there was only two of us and we went on the longer trail. We didn’t go all the way but we did go as far as one of the more swimmable pools along the creek, which is around twenty minutes walk down the trail.


This is a spot I used to visit as a child, and so to return was super exciting for me! I would defnitely reccomend it for a relaxed afternoon or for those looking for a quick adventure.

Brielle x


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