Home Haul #1

So I have been waiting a while to go on a little of a homewares* haul and got some of the things I have been hoping for this past couple of weeks. I spent around $67 AUD throughout the day and went to three different stores: Ikea, Bunnings (an Australian hardware store) and Big W. You can watch the accompanying video here.


So at Ikea, I spent ~ $23. I bought two >1L jars, 2 glass Tupperware , a pack of thirty scented tea lights, and a spray bottle.


I bought the two ‘Korken’ jars for my pantry to store the dry goods I get from the bulk store. I love these jars because they’re entirely glass apart from the rubber gasket and come in a large range of sizes. I use them in both in my kitchen for food storage and my bathroom for my homemade toiletries. They also come with no other packaging except some card and paper, so no plastic.


The Tupperware I bought, unfortunately, is not entirely glass as the ‘clips’ for the lid are plastic. It also had a plastic wrap over the cover. They were $4.99 AUD each. I would have liked them to be a bit bigger but the next size up was too big in my opinion. I’ll probably still buy these containers though as they seem to be the best option for me – close, cheap and relatively sustainable. They’re also microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer safe which is good.


My third purchase at Ikea was a plastic spray bottle. I have one of the same already but it was a pain to have to run up to the bathroom to get it whenever I wanted to use the multi-purpose cleaner I put in it in the kitchen. While plastic, I overlooked this because I needed something cheap (I only earn $12 AUD an hour) and wanted them to be the same. The bottle was only ~ $1.29 AUD.


My last purchase from Ikea was a pack of 30 scented tea light candles. I use these to read by and needed to stock up. They come wrapped in plastic but I haven’t been able to find tea lights anywhere that aren’t.



I only had one purchase at Bunnings which was 2 flowering plants. They’re Kalanchoe and they flower in the winter which is perfect. I’m going to plant them on my balcony and also use cuttings in my room. I’m going to be doing my next (probably next) blog post on a little gardening project so look out for that. They were $9.98 each which I thought was a decent price. If anyone knows where I can find cheap plants though, please let me know!

Big W:


My final purchase of the day was a set of 6 Ball Mason Jars from Big W. They’re 0.5L and cost me $29 for the set. I like them, but I do have an issue with how much plastic they came wrapped in. I wouldn’t have bought them due to this, but I have no idea where I can find them without the plastic and have already been to my local thrift stores and the recycling centre. I wanted mason jars specifically because of their versatility – cups, food storage, takeaway cup for soup or smoothies, vases etc. I don’t regret my purchase now, but will if I realise there was a better alternative.

Brielle x


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