Minimalism ~ Phase #2

So I have skipped right along to Phase #2 for my minimalism journey, and this is because Phase #1, for me, has been going on for the past few years. Why so long for a single phase? Because Phase #1, for me, was focused almost solely on getting rid of things. I was constantly selling and trashing and donating my belongings, until I have found myself at a point where I am moving towards getting rid of things that hold value or are somewhat a neccesity for me. So, this weekend I did what will be my final major clean out so as to start on the next phase of minimalism – concious purchasing.


As well as a slow selling of the items I have already put aside to do so with. The above photo is what I have decided to get rid of in that last clean out, and from left to right is, trash, donate and sell. So while I deal with these piles, I am going to begin   spending my money as conciously as possible.

This means not putting my money towards things that produce waste, things I don’t really want or need, and things that will clutter and add no value to my life.

So, Phase #2 of Minimalism begins now. I’m going to be doing some blog posts on concious spending, and also how I clean out my spaces soon. I haven’t been very active because of it being assessment time, but now that the term is almost finished, I’m going to be spending a lot more time on the blog.


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